Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries Association, Inc.,

of Brown County, Indiana

Board of Directors:

Virginia Hamblen, President

Bob Hamblen, Vice President

John Hamblen, Secretary

Josie Henneke, Treasurer

Dianna Haines, Sexton

M. Keith King, Director-at-large

June 4, 1991

Minutes of Founding Meeting

Brown County Library

June 1, 1991

The meeting was called to order by President Pro-Tem John W. Hamblen at 1:00 p.m. Those in attendance were: John W. Hamblen, Virginia Hamblen, Plessie Hamblen, Ken Dine, Josie A. King Henneke, Russell King, Dianna Haines and M. Keith King.

After introductions were made Ken Dine, Hamblen Township Trustee, stated his interest in working with us on the access road and fence. Since this is his first year as Trustee he has to work within the budget he inherited. He hopes to be able to work with cemetery groups such as ours to improve the condition of the cemeteries in his township. We agreed that the most pressing need is for an access road. If we can get the roadbed prepared he can buy some gravel this year. We agreed to set up a meeting with Carl Brummett, who has offered to help us, Lee Morgan, who has provided the right-of-way and has heavy equipment on the spot, Ken Dine and the Secretary next week to discuss a plan. Fences were discussed and Keith felt that a 3-foot chain-link fence which was raised off the ground some to make mowing easier would suffice. John suggested that in the meantime it would be very nice to have the old fence removed and the fence row cleared. Keith suggested to Ken that he try to get the corrections people to supply some helpers from the jail to spread the four or five loads of fill dirt which he and Russell had had hauled in some years ago. Keith volunteered to supervise this activity. Keith also stated that he hoped someday to be able to draw up a plat of the cemetery. At this point Ken had to leave due to other business which needed attention.

The first item on the agenda was to consider the Articles of Incorporation. The group was satisfied with the Trustee's show of support and decided to proceed with the organization of the Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries Association, Inc., of Brown County, Indiana. Keith moved and Josie seconded a motion to adopt the Articles of Incorporation. The motion was approved by unanimous vote. (They were forwarded to the Secretary of State on June 4.)

Next the draft of the By-Laws was discussed and minor changes made. Josie moved and Keith seconded a motion to adopt the By-Laws as amended. The motion carried unanimously.

The slate of nominations for officers was presented and nominations were called for from the floor. Receiving no further nominations, Plessie moved and Keith seconded a motion to elect the officers by acclamation. The motion carried unanimously.

The newly elected President, Virginia Hamblen, assumed the chair and the meeting continued. The Secretary presented copies of the Articles of Incorporation for the signatures of the Incorporators: John W. Hamblen, Virginia Hamblen, M. Keith King and Josie A. King Henneke.

The Secretary stated that he had already filed for an Employer Identification Number with the IRS. The Treasurer, Josie, stated that she would need the EIN before she could open a checking account. She would try to find an interest bearing account, if possible. The Secretary estimated that it would take a couple of weeks to get the EIN and suggested that we call in the pledges, on or after, July 1, 1991. The EIN is also needed to apply for Indiana tax-exempt status from the Department of Revenue. This will be done as soon as the EIN arrives. It was the Secretary's opinion that we need not file for a Letter of Determination from the IRS since our annual income will always be less than $25,000 per year which exempts us from having to file annual reports with the IRS.

The Secretary stated that he would draft a letter for the President notifying the forty or so persons who were sent announcements of the meeting that the organization had taken place and to call in the pledges. Keith stated that he would contact members of the King family soliciting further support.

The President expressed her appreciation for all the work that went into getting the Association organized and that J. B. (Bill) Hamblen, her late husband, and Porter, his father, would have been pleased with the results. The assets ($32.57) and records of the Hamblen Family Association, which has not met since 1966, were turned over to John some time ago. The money will be used to help cover the organization expenses and the records will be kept with the Association records. The assets of the Hamblen/Taylor Cemetery will be turned over to the Association sometime later.

The meeting was adjourned.