This page is a memorial to

John W. Hamblen

 25 September 1924 - 5 September  2002

       John W. Hamblen was a founding member of the Brown County Genealogical Society and contributed much time and energy to the Society.  One of his major concerns was directed toward the preservation of the cemeteries of Brown County.  He was instrumental in setting up the Taggart and Hamblen/ Taylor Cemeteries Association, Inc. of Brown County.

    A couple of years ago John very generously gave copies of some of the documents concerning the formation of the Association to the administer of the Society's web site to be posted on the web site of the Brown County Genealogical Society so that these documents might be helpful to others who might wish to form a similar association and create perpetual care for their own family cemeteries.

        These documents are:


Letter To Create Interest

Steps Required to Start an Organization

Letter Requesting Pledges (available later)

By-Laws of the Organization

Perpetual Care Plan

Minutes of the Founding Meeting

Press Release

        You are free to use these documents to help you start your own organization. We hope that they will prove to be beneficial in your endeavors.


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