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July 11,2000


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It is time we do something about Taggart Cemetery in Hamblen Twp.. Brown County, IN. If we do not take the action outlined in the enclosed plan then the cemetery will soon revert to a wooded jungle. I think that you will agree that our ancestors, other relatives and pioneer settlers of Brown Co. who are Buried there deserve better.

Ken and Helen Reeve identify 126 burials in Taggart in their book Brown County, Indiana, Cemeteries. 32 are Hamblen, 16 are King, 14 are Taggart, 11 are Curry, 5 each for Cordrey, McCarty, Mobley, Smith and Walker. Other surnames represented are: Bisel, Burton, Clark, Cook, Fry, Gillaspy, Goforth, Grosscost, Guffey, Kirts, Lyons, Mead, Miller, Millsaps, Milnes, Powell, Satterthwait, Weddle and Winchester.

I need your help in identifying others who have relatives buried in Taggart. Please send their names and addresses to me so that I can send a letter to them. Or, if you wish, make copies of the materials enclosed and give to them directly.

Of course, I hope that you will make a pledge of support to the Perpetual Care Fund by completing and returning the enclosed form, yourself. No amount is too small or too large. To assure you that I mean to see this through I have stated a personal pledge of $1000.00 at the end of the Plan.


John W. Hamblen