Hamblen/Taylor Cemetery Association, Inc.

Brown County, Indiana

Steps required to the Founding:

1. Adopt Bylaws and elect officers on June 1, 1991

2. File Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State ($26.00)

3. Apply for Federal Identification Number (FIN)

4. Apply for tax-exempt status with the Indiana Dept. of Revenue

5. Obtain Deed for Cemetery from J. B. Hamblen estate.

6. Collect pledges for the Perpetual Care Fund from those who have an interest in the Hamblen/Taylor Cemetery and invest in long-term CD's.

7. Take over maintenance of the Cemetery on January 1, 1992.


Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries Association, Inc.

of Brown County, Indiana

Steps required for the Founding:

1. County and/or Township must do the following things which are required by Indiana Statutes:

a. Furnish a Survey (This has already been done by Lee and Irma Morgan.)

b. Provide an all-weather access road to the cemetery.

c. Levelling of the grounds. (Several loads of dirt have already been hauled in by Keith and Russell King before Poison Ivy forced them to stop before they had a chance to spread it.)

d. Provide a fence around the Cemetery.

2. Modify Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to include Taggart Cemetery.

3. Receive Quit-Claim Deed from Lee and Irma Morgan for Taggart Cemetery.

4. Call in remainder of pledges to the Perpetual Care Fund and invest in long-term CD's.

5. Take over partial maintenance of the Taggart Cemetery with 90% of the annual interest.

6. Assume full maintenance of the Taggart Cemetery when the Perpetual Care Fund can produce sufficient income.