Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries  Association, Inc.,

of Brown County, Indiana

Board of Directors:

Virginia Hamblen, President

Bob Hamblen, Vice President

John Hamblen, Secretary

Josie Henneke, Treasurer

Dianna Haines, Sexton

M. Keith King, Director-at-large

August 9, 1991

News Release:

Association to Care for Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries

On June 1, 1991 a not-for-profit Corporation was formed for the purpose of maintaining the Taggart and Hamblen/Taylor Cemeteries. Virginia Hamblen was elected President, Bob Hamblen as Vice President, John Hamblen as Secretary, Josie Henneke as Treasurer, Dianna Haines as Sexton and Keith King as Director-at-large. Ken Dine, Trustee of Hamblen Township was present and so was Russell King and Plessie Hamblen.

The Trustee stated that he wanted to work with such groups to improve the condition of Cemeteries in Hamblen Township. The Board of the new corporation established the following goals and contingencies:

1.  A survey was needed for Taggart Cemetery and a Quit Claim Deed from Lee and Irma Morgan.

2.  An all-weather access road into Taggart Cemetery was needed and

3.  A fence should be built around Taggart Cemetery.

4. After 1), 2) and 3) have been completed and $10,000 has been raised for the Perpetual Care Fund then six months from the latter the Association would assume responsibility for Taggart Cemetery, in perpetuity.

5. A deed for the Hamblen/Taylor Cemetery from the J. B. Hamblin estate.

6. The Association would assume responsibility for the Hamblen/Taylor Cemetery (Job Hamblen monument.)beginning January 1, 1992.

Due to the splendid cooperation from the following people much progress has been made.

1. Pledges and donations for the Perpetual Care Fund are close to $8000.00, most of which is coming from outside the County.

2. Lee and Irma Morgan arranged for a survey of Taggart Cemetery which included a right-of- way for an access road.

3. Lee Morgan used his bull-dozer to open up a roadbed.

4. John and Plessie Hamblen sprayed the old fencerow with weed killer.

5. Ken Dine, Trustee of Hamblen Township, had gravel hauled in for the road base.

6. Dianna Haines arranged for Corrections Officer, Rick Followell, and a crew of six inmates to remove the old fence and to spread dirt which had been hauled in by Keith and Russell King a few years ago.

7. John and Plessie Hamblen and Dianna Haines supplied lunch to the corrections crew.

8. John and Plessie erected signs pointing toward the cemeteries.

The Trustee will arrange for the new fence to be built and the Association will continue to solicit donations for the Perpetual Care Fund.

Caption: John Hamblen shows Virginia Hamblen what was accomplished by the Corrections Crew at Taggart Cemetery.

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